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10 Top Tips For Building Effective Business and IT Relationships

posted by Brenda Cowie on May 23, 2016

We’re all about collaboration at BiZZdesign. In fact, our digital business design software platform, BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio, encourages continuous collaboration by allowing several people to work in one platform. However, effective collaboration requires you to build relationships with colleagues across the entire organization. The effort you make to get to know other groups’ concerns will help further down the line when addressing any project issues that may arise.

BPM: The Customer Journey

posted by Peter Matthijssen on Apr 7, 2016

There is a lot of power in Business Process Management (BPM) and process thinking. Our process flow diagrams describe ‘what is done’, and support us in designing, improving and controlling our processes. The results of processes should be of value to our customers. But how do our customers experience our processes? A very powerful technique, aimed at customer experience, is the Customer Journey. It is a must-have technique for your BPM/Lean toolkit!

Digital Transformation: How to Manage and Govern a Multi-Speed IT Environment - part II

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Danny Weinberger on Feb 29, 2016

Two weeks ago, we wrote about the impact of multi-speed IT on the IT organization and enterprise architecture. Let us now talk about the different options for managing a multi-speed IT approach.

Digital Transformation: How to Manage and Govern a Multi-Speed IT Environment - part I

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Danny Weinberger on Feb 8, 2016

Looking back to many discussions about Digital Strategy with different organizations, most of them have the challenge of going through a balancing act day by day. Firstly, a Digital Oriented Organization needs to accept that the roles and responsibilities of Business and IT will merge together, whilst both parties need to enable business and IT innovations towards digital business needs.

Application Portfolio Management for Finance - Slaying the Dragon

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Jens Goossens on Nov 11, 2015

In many organizations a mythical creature lays deep down in the catacombs, otherwise known as the server rooms. This dark monster has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Normally these creatures are in search of gold. However, this kind doesn’t fancy gold, this one hoards applications!

Application Portfolio Management in Local Government

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Ton Baas on Oct 14, 2015

Although Application Portfolio Management (APM) isn’t the newest kid on the block, it has had a tremendous growth in popularity lately. Due to the economic crisis and market pressures in general, IT managers and architects are constantly pushed by their CxO’s to reduce inefficiencies, improve agility of the enterprise and cut costs. The complexity of these tasks leads to an increasing need for tools and structures to help them handle their application landscape.

BiZZdesign's House of Application Portfolio Management

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Peter Matthijssen on Sep 23, 2015

As we have described before, few organizations have a systematic and reliable way of translating a business strategy into action. This requires aligning various disciplines along the same desired business outcomes. This is at the core of BiZZdesign’s approach to business change.

Application Portfolio Management: Towards Value-Driven Architecting

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Danny Weinberger on Jul 30, 2015

Many organizations with large legacy application landscapes can no longer postpone a major overhaul of their IT. But how do you avoid creating tomorrow’s legacy today all over again? And how do you spend your IT budget in the most sensible way? Next to appropriate design and development practices (e.g. enterprise architecture, agile and DevOps, as we addressed in our previous blog) you need to manage your application portfolio as a whole, to decide where it is most important to invest.

Information Security in the Boardroom

posted by Remco Blom on Jul 24, 2015

After a recent presentation on “Security is not an IT problem”, which investigated the lacking relations between policies and measures within many organizations, we decided to have a World Cafe to discuss surrounding topics further. We separated the discussion into four topics, and had a debate on each one. In my previous blog in this series, I wrote about the 7 worst practices in Information Security. In this blog, I will present the outcomes of the discussion on Information Security in the Boardroom. Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Reference Architecture Models with ArchiMate

posted by George Pang on Jul 8, 2015

In a previous blog by Marc Lankhorst, the value of reference architectures was highlighted, including the why and how. In this blog, I want to dive a little deeper, focusing on the ‘product’ that we (or some of us) are familiar with – the reference model, using ArchiMate as the language.


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