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Business Transformation Survey: The Results

posted by Peter Matthijssen on Jul 25, 2016

Organizations have always had to adapt to change in order to stay relevant. But in today’s fast-paced market, change is more necessary than ever. In a recent survey we found that over 60% of C-level management thinks that changing the business model is the main driver for business transformations.

In collaboration with BPtrends, The Open Group, and the University of Twente, we surveyed over 550 IT professionals worldwide, from C-level management to practitioners in a wide range of disciplines, in order to gain more insight into business transformations.

How to Present your Architecture in BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio

posted by George Pang on Jul 20, 2016

Architecture is an art, created by dedicated modelers across various domains they specialize in. But as with traditional artistry, do not forget about your ‘fans’; art should be meant for sharing. That is why reporting and publishing are such an important part of the process.

Given that ‘just a bunch of diagrams’ presented in isolation often won’t be the best way to present to the wider audience; enter the ‘architecture homepage’, or ‘navigation diagram’, which allow you to ‘glue’ the pieces together.

ArchiMate® 3.0 - Use in Manufacturing

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Rob Kroese on Jul 18, 2016

In this blog, we will show you how the new ArchiMate 3.0 concepts for modeling the physical world can be used to describe the domains of manufacturing and logistics. We will do this by using one of the common ArchiMate case studies published by The Open Group, ArchiMetal.

ArchiMate® 3.0 - Internet of Things

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Joost Niehof on Jul 11, 2016

In a previous blog on the ‘Digital Customer Intimacy’ strategy of our example insurance company ArchiSurance, we outlined that they intend to use more detailed customer data to improve customer interaction and satisfaction, and to determine customized insurance premiums. To this end, they want to use the Internet of Things, acquiring data from smart, connected devices such as personal fitness trackers, black boxes in vehicles, home automation gateways, fleet management systems, in-store RFID devices, or smart building sensors.

 ArchiMate® 3.0 - Capability Realization

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Adina Aldea on Jul 7, 2016

As we have seen in the previous blog, ArchiSurance wants to establish several new capabilities to support its ‘Digital Customer Intimacy’ strategy, such as Digital Customer Management, Data-Driven Insurance, Data Acquisition, and Data Analysis. Positioning these in the context of its current capabilities leads to the following figure, using the ‘highlight’ function of BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio to emphasize these new elements.

ArchiMate® 3.0 - Capability Analysis

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Adina Aldea on Jul 4, 2016

In our previous blog, we briefly outlined the two strategic options that our example insurance company ArchiSurance is exploring. By analyzing the operational excellence strategy, they have benchmarked their efficiency against the industry average: average capabilities are shown in blue, above-average capabilities in green and below-average capabilities in red (Figure 1). 

ArchiMate® 3.0 - Improved Notation and Viewpoints

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Henk Jonkers on Jul 1, 2016

In our previous blog, we introduced the new 3.0 version of the ArchiMate standard and outlined some of its improvements. In this blog, we focus on the improvements of the language in the way it is presented: its notation and viewpoints.

ArchiMate® 3.0 – Capability Mapping

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Adina Aldea on Jun 27, 2016

In our previous blog, we outlined the relationship between business strategy and capabilities at a high level. But we have not given you any guidance yet as to how to create a good overview of your capabilities. In this blog we look at why identifying capabilities is important for organizations, how they can be defined, how to classify them, and how to include them in a capability map.

ArchiMate® 3.0 - Strategy Concepts and Capability-Based Planning

posted by Marc Lankhorst & Adina Aldea on Jun 21, 2016

In this series of blogs, we describe the use of the new ArchiMate 3.0 standard in practice. We use a fictitious but realistic example company, ArchiSurance, well-known to the users of ArchiMate as this is the company from the standard case study provided by The Open Group.

Change the Way You Handle Change

posted by Peter Matthijssen on Jun 16, 2016

Organizations have always had to adapt to change in order to stay relevant, but in today’s fast-paced market, change is more necessary than ever. The ‘Digital Enterprise’ requires major business transformations, delivered at speed. The ‘unfreeze-change-refreeze’ model, reasoning from a stable current to a desired future state, no longer applies. Organizations in the ‘New Normal’ are in a constant state of flux. How can you change the way you handle change?


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