Announcement: building a strong data management capability with TOGAF and ArchiMate

Bas van Gils
Posted by Bas van Gils on Apr 29, 2012

Enterprise Architecture, ArchiMate

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Data is increasingly seen as a corporate asset that should be managed, protected, and leveraged to achieve business success. This has given rise to the field of data management which can be defined as the development and execution of architectures, policies, practices and procedures that properly manage the full data lifecycle needs of an enterprise (from “DAMA DMBOK”). Over the last few years, we have similarities between data management and enterprise architecture:

  • Both share a similar group of stakeholders
  • Both tend to use a model-based approach
  • Both tend to involve all aspects of the organization
  • Both use similar tools and models
  • Etcetera.

Building a strong data management capability is not an easy task. In our experience, the use of Enterprise Architecture tools, methods, and approaches can help in doing so. Leveraging the power of open standards, we tend to combine the DAMA DMBOK (Data Management Body Of Knowledge) with TOGAF and ArchiMate for this:

Data Management Body Of Knowledge (DAMA DMBOK)

In the next few weeks we will gladly share our thoughts and experiences with you:
If you have questions, or wish to propose topics for us to discuss, please drop us a note!
Delivering Business Outcome with TOGAF and ArchiMate


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