ArchiMate® 2.0: The Future of Enterprise Architecture Modeling has arrived!

Bas van Gils
Posted by Bas van Gils on Feb 1, 2012

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Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a discipline that creates value for organizations by answering the question “how should we organize ourselves?" The art of modeling plays an important role in this discipline, both to get insight in the current organization and to visualize (possible) future organizations for various stakeholders.

The ArchiMate language was developed to facilitate architecture modeling and analysis of architectures within a single domain (i.e., product architectures, process architectures, application architectures etc.) as well as between different domains.

The ArchiMate language was originally developed by a large consortium in the Netherlands, and was first published in 2005 (Lankhorst et al.). Since then, this language has …


  • … been implemented in many different tools, including BiZZdesign Architect®
  • … gained world-wide adoption by many different types of organizations
  • … been adopted as an international and open standard by The Open Group

Like any (natural, and actively used) language, the ArchiMate language has evolved over the last few years. Two key drivers for this evolution are the alignment of ArchiMate and TOGAF, and the experience / user stories of practitioners around the world. Based on extensive discussions in The Open Group forum, in which BiZZdesign plays a leading role, the official ArchiMate specification has been updated and extended.

Major changes in ArchiMate 2.0

  • Two new core concepts have been added: the infrastructure function and location
  • Two extensions have been added, improving the link between ArchiMate and TOGAF: the motivation extension and the implementation and migration extension
  • Several bug fixes, especially in relations between concepts
  • There is now an official ArchiMate certification program



One of the key focal areas for architects is getting to grips with change in the organization. Using ArchiMate 1.0, many organizations have successfully built models of the architecture of both the current (Baseline) organization, and future architectures (target organization). Using these models, and visualizations for different stakeholders that are based on them, organizations have gained insight in the intricacies and complexity of large-scale transformations. By communicating with various stakeholders, ArchiMate models have helped build confidence across the board to handle change in a structured, controlled, and effective manner.

With the new extensions, ArchiMate 2.0 builds on this success. The two new extensions make it possible to develop an integral model of:


  • Stakeholders, their drivers, goals for change as well as the requirements that are related to these goals
  • The baseline architecture
  • The target architecture that is designed based on the requirements
  • The gap between baseline, and target architecture as well as the delivery vehicles for bridging this gap
  • A well-structured project portfolio to actually make this happen


These new capabilities will greatly improve communication and integration of the architecture function in the enterprise. With advanced analysis and visualization capabilities of tools such as BiZZdesign Architect, more and more groups in the organizations can benefit from the ArchiMate models of the organization.

BiZZdesign knows from experience that clients who use ArchiMate have enhanced Architecture Practices and we are convinced that the new and improved language will help many organizations to be more successful with their Architecture initiatives!

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