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Posted by Bas van Gils & Sven van Dijk on Jul 13, 2013

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Over the last few years, the popularity of ArchiMate has increased rapidly and steadily, especially since it got adopted by the Open Group. A quick search on google trends shows this nicely.


ArchiMate has been around for over a decade.  More and more organizations use the language for their enterprise (architecture) modeling efforts. We also see that more and more tool support is available.  Our flag ship tool – BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio – was the first native implementation of ArchiMate and is still the leading tool for modeling and analysis at the enterprise level.

Earlier this year we have published a series of postings where we have captured the essence of the ArchiMate modeling language, based on many years of practical experience in the field. We have complemented this with a series of best practices. Building on these earlier blogs, we now present a series of postings where we illustrate these best practices in the context of a (fictitious) case study. This posting kicks off the series, and is intended to introduce the organization that we will be using over the next few weeks.

BriteLite - towards a brighter future

BritelightFor many decades, Jansma Lichten has been one of the most successful lamp producers of The Netherlands. The company was founded in 1923 as Lampenfabriek Jansma and renamed in 1974 to Jansma Lichten.


The company’s most successful period dates back to the period between 1960 and 1990. After the 1990s, several socio economic developments have caused for some serious threats to the company. During that period, Jansma Lichten invested large amounts of resources in new production facilities and techniques for the highly successful line of light bulb and light bulb fittings. Unfortunately, since the early 2000s, the need for incandescent light bulbs started dropping rapidly year over year and as a result, Jansma Lichten was left with diminishing turnover and high costs. This was in large part caused by new regulations that will banish the incandescent lights all together in favor of LED and other innovative lighting products.

More recently the company experienced yet another setback, due to the retreat of several key investors as a result of the financial crisis. Halfway through 2010, the company was well on its way to become bankrupt when a few new big investors were contracted, under the condition that the current board of directors would make way for a new team that could change the strategic course of Jansma Lichten and revive its business.

The new Board prepared a major strategic shift for the lamp manufacturer. Among other things, the company will shift its focus from the national to the international market. Therefore, the company is going by its new name since January 2011: BriteLite. Since that time a lot has happened:

  • BriteLite is well on its way to making a shift to LED-products. Staff has been re-trained where necessary and plants have had a major overhaul
  • A new consulting team has been added to the company. This team works with (corporate) clients to define custom lighting solutions. The team is largely successful and managed to secure over 60% of the graphic design industry and also does a lot of work for office buildings, show room and lighting solutions for events and trade shows
  • On the international side, small offices and warehouses have been built in Belgium, France, Germany and the UK. Reselling partnes have been recruited in the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Expansion is small but increasing steadily
  • BriteLite’s financial position is improving steadily. However, IT cost are sky-rocketing. This is in large part due to the fact that the board has decided to build the new business on the old platform for execution.

There is so much going on for the company that the constant stream of changes is becoming a pr

oblem. The company acknowledged that successful business transformation could only be achieved through a structured approach, based on Enterprise Architecture techniques and -modeling.


After some debates and advice, BriteLite decided to hire Brenda, a seasoned Enterprise Architect with many years of experience under her belt to help them face these challenges.Brenda (a.k.a. Brenda  Architect) was hired some time ago and she has started her new job with a series of interviews with all the key players in the BriteLite organization. Her key challenges are:

  • Quickly develop a baseline architecture that can be used to analyze impact of change and plot a direction towards a brighter future for BriteLite
  • Develop a target architecture and a  roadmap for overhauling the IT landscape and reduce IT cost. This should, of course, be in line with BriteLite’s plans for international expansion so some flexibility is needed

The remainder of this series

In the remainder of this blog series we will share Brenda’s adventures at BriteLite. Brenda is a faithful reader of the BiZZdesign blog obviously, so in her modeling strategy she will use as many of the best practices that we have discussed in the previous series as she can Stay tuned for more!

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