ArchiMate Modeling in Practice Overview

Bas van Gils & Sven van Dijk
Posted by Bas van Gils & Sven van Dijk on Feb 17, 2013

Enterprise Architecture, ArchiMate

Welcome to our blog. This is an archived post, most of our knowledge and advice remain valid but some material or links may be outdated. Click here to see our most recent posts.

We are continuing our series on ArchiMate: from theory to practice! We introduced the series back in October and over the last few months we ran the first part which we called “The ArchiMate Files”. In this first part we covered some theoretic underpinnings of the ArchiMate standard, and in this second series we will cover practical aspects of modeling with ArchiMate. This is illustrated in the updated diagram below:


The goal of the series is twofold: first of all, we want to give modelers who are only just starting out a head start with practical guidance. For more advanced enterprise architects we hope to present a consistent and complete approach to tackling real-world business challenges through the use of ArchiMate. 

Most of the examples in this series are based on real-world assignments that we were involved in. We anonymized all examples. The consequence of this decision is that the examples throughout this series are not “linked” or based on a single case. We will present such a ‘grand case’ in the third series so stay tuned!

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