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Bas van Gils & Sven van Dijk
Posted by Bas van Gils & Sven van Dijk on Aug 4, 2013

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The three weeks since the sessions with management are almost up, and Brenda has heard via her sponsor that the teams are well under way on the strategy work and that the expectation is that all teams will finish in time for the next workshop as agreed. Brenda_thumb_upAs usual, Brenda is expected to handle the agenda for the workshops and she now has been assigned a management assistant for handling room reservations, meeting invitations, arranging drinks etcetera. 

With only a few days to go to the meeting, Brenda decides that her team should get some credit, and asks them to bring the two posters with the capability map and products / services map along for presentation. She also prepares two additional posters:


This first poster is to show which architecture products have been created so far, while highlighting that a lot of work remains to be done. She spent some time to come up with a suitable name for the “top bucket”, hoping to send the message: we’re doing the Enterprise Architecture, but management has to give guidance for direction.


In her second poster, Brenda gives a clear overview of what she intends to do going forward with her team, based on a  two-pronged approach:  Part of the team will worry about the information systems architecture in the baseline. This is a lot of work and requires dedication and focus, ploughing through one system after another and then connecting the dots. The second track is to start work on the target architecture, validating the business parts (products, services, capabilities) based on management guidance before diving into the information systems part and again connecting the dots. This track requires creative thinking, strategic skills, and the ability to stay away from the details. She hopes to get some additional resources to make this happen. Finally, as a reminder, she makes sure that management is aware that at one point they’d better start thinking about implementation scenario’s.

The workshop

It seems that people are increasingly enthusiastic about the architecture project as the meeting is very well attended. A large group of 21 people, 4 more than expected, crowd the room. Making a mental note to discuss this with her sponsor, Brenda guides the group through the presentations. She is particularly proud when the results from her team are well received. At the same time, it clearly shows that the other teams have worked really hard to come up with the requested guidance, but some additional work will be needed to finalize the strategic documents. In a live-modeling-session using the BiZZdesign Enterprise Studio after the lunch break, Brenda uses ArchiMate’s motivation extension to create a first overview of the main strategic drivers and goals that underlie BritLite’s current business transformation initiative. She also takes into account some of the key architecture principles, and uses influence relationships to visualize any reinforcing and contradicting elements in the strategic landscape. Brenda manages to break down the results from the discussions in the workshop into something workable for now, as depicted below.


The workshop ends with a good discussion on how to move forward. It is quickly decided that the strategic documents will be finalized in 3-4 weeks’ time after which the newly created concern/goals map will be vetted. Until then, the current map will be put up on the wall as one of the work products of the team. 

Brenda’s two-pronged approach draws a bit of debate. Management had not expected this call for additional resources. Given the quality of the results so far, and a desire to keep the speed up, management agrees to free up two more resources to help out with the baseline information systems architecture. Also, as a reward for all the hard work, Brenda gets the go-ahead to take her team out for dinner, recharging batteries for the next iterations!

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