Business games 4 of 4: Conclusion and Best Practices

Guido Cohlst
Posted by Guido Cohlst on Dec 6, 2012

Enterprise Architecture, Business Process Management

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At the end of this blog series we can conclude that business games are an important tool/instrument to create support for Business Process Management and Enterprise Architecture  through all levels of your organization. An important facet of a good business game is the authenticity of the simulation compared to a real organization with its own recognizable issues. The sort of game play, structure, story construction and game leader all have a big influence on the results of successful business simulation.

We would like to introduce the games Ease-it (BPM) and Framing the Future (EA) as respectively a realistic process- and architecture simulation. Which values provide these games for your organization:


Our Business Process Management (BPM) simulation game is played with an average of 12 participants in a fictive insurance company. Participants will work in various rounds, each with its own problems, results and experiences. These problems, results and experiences give cause for reflection and input for the next round:

• What exactly is a process?

• Shows the processes ‘from client to client’ throughout the various departments

• Shows the results of the implementation of result-oriented and process oriented work

• Improves performance by applying logistic principles

• Shows the importance of good agreements

• Breaks down barriers, shares knowledge and gives a businesslike dialogue

• Experience and solve some general forms of waste (Lean)

• Realize that hard work alone will not help in the long term,

• Provides insight on your behavior to other participants and shows group behavior

• Puts the customer first, by focus on timeliness and quality

• Motivates participants to critically analyze their own work processes

• Provides opportunities to experience and test abstract ideas about organizational changes

• Provides a safe learning environment to freely experiment with new ideas and solutions

• Shows the importance of a good process facilitator


Business games

Business game Ease-it at the office of BiZZdesign

Framing the Future

In our Enterprise Architecture (EA) simulation game, participants are once-again placed in a fictive organization; this time in the aftermath of a big fusion. There are several departments, each with different kinds of channels, processes, systems, information and so on. And of course, their goals differ too. This will gain the following insights and experiences:

• What is Enterprise Architecture?

• Demonstrates how architecture helps to bring the right people together.

• Helps to explain and demonstrate the added value of Enterprise Architecture at various managerial levels.

• Facilitates discussions by challenging the participants.

• Helps the participants to understand and experiment with different architecture methods.

• Demonstrates the relationship between organizational goals and architecture principles.

• Demonstrates how architecture helps to check the feasibility of application migrations and enables new business opportunities.

• Demonstrates the implementation of the architectural function, with references to relevant methods and standards like TOGAF™ and ArchiMate® and the connection with other managerial frameworks and methods.

Our business simulations are the perfect instruments to test intended changes, present corporate policies in an appealing manner, and actively involve employees or colleagues in change processes. In a short time you will achieve more than in a long period of meeting, convincing, and memo writing.

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We hope this blog series on Business games has been useful and interesting to you. If you would like to know more, please leave a comment.

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