From Business Design to Business Change (#1) – The Content Paradox

Alex Hendriks
Posted by Alex Hendriks on Mar 22, 2012

Business Process Management

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Let us suppose you work in an organization that needs improvement or change. You are a member of staff whose task is to support this. Perhaps you are a business consultant, a process designer or an architect. Some strategic decisions have been made and you and your colleagues are contributing the best you can. Doing analyses, making designs, supporting members of business management. The last few years your staff team has invested and improved significantly on knowledge, methods and tooling. You have already been working hard on a coherent set of models (architecture, process, business objects?) as a basis for designing the business solutions required. 

Creating a design for your business

In some cases this is enough for successfully facilitating business change. Indeed getting a grip on change in today’s increasingly complex business reality requires professional methods, tools and knowledge. Obviously, a thought-through business solution is a fundament for many successful business improvements. 

In other cases solid business design work is just not enough. When you come to think of it: why do you still see so many business change projects fail? And why is your serious design function in practice not always taken so seriously? And why is there a number of your good staff colleagues who are not happy or even frustrated with the impact of their work?  


Getting grip on business change

If you recognize this and find the questions above relevant, please join me in this series of blogs. I have noticed it is often not a lack of analysis or design capabilities that stands in the way of success. I have also experienced that supporting a business manager is often about everything but the content of the business problem. It is about context, perspective, about how a solution is developed, soft skills, stakes, ownership etcetera. I personally like to call this phenomena the ‘content paradox’. It’s influence on bottom-line results can be huge – and that interest me. These ‘other’, sometimes less-tangible, but everyday aspects might also be of interest to you in becoming more effective. In this blog series I intend to share some of my thoughts and experiences on this. The word cloud below gives a sneak preview of the concepts I expect to touch upon.
Word cloud Alex Hendriks

Blog word cloud Alex Hendriks

So what is your personal top-3 of answers to my ‘why-questions’ above?

Please share your ideas, leave a comment. In my next post I will discuss an innovative technique for staff teams to take on their client’s perspective.

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