Implementing a Data Governance Capability

Bas van Gils
Posted by Bas van Gils on Mar 6, 2012

Enterprise Architecture, Governance, Risk & Compliance

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For many organizations, the big question is not if data is important, but how to manage it in order to be successful. Success, of course, is a big word and can mean different things to different people: from surviving in a highly competitive / regulated arena, to ceasing new market opportunities. 

At BiZZdesign our mission is to build strong organizations. Simply put this means that our mission is to help other organizations become (more) successful. We have helped many clients around the world by building capabilities related to data / information management, enterprise architecture, and process management. In our view, the key to success is to embed the data management capability in your organization.


Recently I had the pleasure to work with the Risk and Compliance  magazine and several thought leaders in the field in creating an article entitled “HOT TOPIC: IMPLEMENTATION OF AN INFORMATION GOVERNANCE PROGRAM” (Risk and Compliance, Jan-Mar 2015). In this article I elaborate on several key questions around building a strong data / information governance capability. We will gladly share this article with you. The link can be found below. 

Before downloading the article and diving in, some final thoughts: 

  • Data management is a business discipline.
  • We need “nerdy suits”, people who can comfortably operate in the world of business and IT, strategy and execution
  • Systems are temporary, data is forever

 We hope to hear from you! Regards - Bas

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