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Posted by BiZZdesign on Jul 23, 2011

Business Model Management, Enterprise Architecture, Lean Management, Business Process Management, Governance, Risk & Compliance

...And most certainly not our last! Today BiZZdesign put the blog online. Available to all that are interested in the topics of Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture, Business Requirements Management and other related topics.

As a company we set our focus on these topics and our employees will share their passion and knowledge about the topics at this blog. You will be able to find information, debate blog posts and to extend your network with this new environment.

In August we will start sharing blog posts with you on a regular basis. To boost the content we will start off with the following posts in August:

  • 15th of August: Designing your business, is our business
  • 22nd of August: TOGAF series - article 1: overview
  • 29th of August: Lean management

After that it will be a mixture of blog posts on current situations, methods and tooling. If you would like to read about topics that are not published at the blog, please let us know! We might just post a blog related to that topic.

We encourage all of you to debate the posts. Only if we interact with each other, this will be a place where real knowledge can be found.

When and how will we update you on a new blog post aired at this site? All of our posts will be announced on our social media channels. Therefore you will have to follow us on Twitter (@BiZZdesign) or like our Facebook page ( By doing so, you will not have to miss out on any new information regarding Business Process Management, Enterprise Architecture and Business Requirements Management!

If you follow the BiZZdesign blog, in time you will find the knowledge you seek!

See you back on the 15th of August? We’ll be here with our new post.

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