7 Key Strategy Views in Enterprise Studio (part 2)

posted by Marc Lankhorst on Feb 15, 2018

In my previous blog post, I described how Enterprise Studio supports the Business Model Canvas, Ecosystem maps, Balanced Scorecards including SWOT, PESTEL and Five Forces analysis, and heatmaps to highlight salient information for your organization. Now, I want to focus on more advanced views and analyses that help you evaluate the viability of your strategy and business models and then take steps towards their implementation.

7 Key Strategy Views in Enterprise Studio (part 1)

posted by Marc Lankhorst on Feb 8, 2018

A survey conducted by The Open Group in cooperation with BiZZdesign and other partners found that the largest difficulty in strategy process (for over half of the 500+ respondents) is bridging the gap between strategy development and implementation.

Strategic Use of Business Models: Strategic Management

posted by Henry Franken on Oct 31, 2016

The term “strategy” is perhaps one of the most misused, and misunderstood concepts in business literature. In this series of blog posts, we refer to strategy as positioning the firm with respect to its environment. We endeavor to answer the questions: how can we (a) improve the process of strategic management through the use of models, and (b) improve the execution/implementation of strategies with Enterprise Architecture Management?

Future Ideas: Harnessing Worldwide Innovative Power

posted by Marc Lankhorst on Mar 23, 2015

The Future Ideas Worldwide Academic Competition is a great way for students and graduates to submit their innovative ideas to a large audience and have the opportunity to win mentorship from a great mind in their field of study. Its six themes provide a great breadth of subjects:

Strategic Use of Business Models: Case Study

posted by Henry Franken on Feb 21, 2014

This is the last post of this blog series which includes the case study. The case study helps portray the theoretical concepts that have been covered in the previous blog posts: the strategythe business model canvas, and the implementation.

Strategic Use of Business Models: Implementation

posted by Henry Franken on Feb 13, 2014

In my previous blog posts, I discussed the way I see strategy work and the types of models that can be used, and how the business model canvas should be the focal point for architecture work. In this blog post, I will show that enterprise architecture is the tool to go from strategy and business model to execution.

Strategic Use of Business Models: The Business Model Canvas

posted by Henry Franken on Feb 5, 2014

In a previous blog post, I discussed the notion of strategic issues and the need to reconcile them in order to define ones strategy. In this post I will talk about the business model canvas (based on the excellent book by Alexander Osterwalder) as a tool which helps to (a) communicate about strategic choices, (b) analyze ones business model, and (c) consolidate the results of various analyses such as SWOT, value chain analysis, or Blue Ocean analysis.

Business Architecture: Because Business Models Aren’t Enough

posted by Remco Blom & Tim Vehof on Jan 26, 2014

Business models are a helpful way to define a business strategy and steer an organization in the “right” direction. Furthermore, business models foster discussions on the way organizations want to deliver value to their customers. Building business models is fun! Thinking about your organization and its future in an abstract manner is addictive, since there is no chance of failure...

Strategic Use of Business Models: Introduction

posted by Henry Franken on Jan 22, 2014

Times are tough: many businesses are struggling to stay afloat in the wild economic currents. Many organizations attempt to find a “blue ocean” of uncontested space, but let’s face it: most of us are stuck in a “red ocean” with a lot of competition, growing power of both suppliers and consumers and increased threat of substitutes. Indeed, one can argue that it is “all hands on deck” for many organizations in their struggle to survive.

Digital enterprise and change capability

posted by Mathilde Tempert on Jan 8, 2014

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New technological developments emerge at an increasing pace.  Recent examples include Google Glass, Big Data, e-Coaching, wearables, 3D printing, Internet of Things etc. The potential is considered enormous, and expectations to derive value from these innovations are sky high.